Notable projects

Citrix Synchronizer for XenClient


Synchronizer is a virtual appliance used in administering a deployment of XenClient. Its front end is a web app written in Google Web Toolkit with Ext GWT. Rather than using a servlet back end, it uses CherryPy on Apache and communicates with the UI via JSON.

The development of Synchronizer involved meetings with product design and user experience teams as well as with other engineers to design the specifications of the product.

Imager Lab redesign

Fall 2008

The Imager Laboratory is an encompassing term for the various labs and disciplines at UBC. Its website was (and still is) a simple, static website. However, its layout and navigation are neither uniform nor satisfactorily easy to understand. Proposals for redesign were created in a team of three for an introductory human-computer interaction course (CPSC 344 UBC, Karon MacLean).

The redesign process involved knowledge-gathering from a multitude of stakeholders and a design process where prototypes are created of escalating fidelity, each evaluated by its stakeholders. The redesign is notable for its multitude of constraints and a handful of stakeholder disagreements. Only final recommendations and prototypes were produced; final product design was outside the course scope.